ABU and AUA Promote Professional Self-Regulation

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The ABU and the AUA are opposed to legislation that tries to undermine our efforts to provide certification and education of urologists. The mission of the ABU is to act for the benefit of the public to ensure high quality, safe, efficient, and ethical practice of Urology by establishing and maintaining standards of certification for urologists. The mission of the AUA is to promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research, and the formulation of health care policy.

The AUA and ABU are committed to teach and test competencies in urology. The AUA does so by providing lifelong learning. The ABU provides initial and continuing certification. The AUA advocates for certification that is not burdensome, but rather a tool for continuous improvement and study. The ABU is flexible and recognizes that their processes are in constant development and will need revision, in part based on feedback from practicing urologists.

The ABU and AUA reaffirm the importance of professional self-regulation of urologists to ensure competency and safety in practice. As such, efforts at the state legislative level that undermine the ABU’s responsibility to set standards for certification endanger the safety of the public and the quality of care.

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