Pay Annual Fee

Pay Annual Certificate Fee

The $310 Annual Certificate Fee is due by April 1.  After April 1, a $200 late fee applies.  After July 1, the late fee doubles to $400 and $710 is owed.  The $710 fee must be paid by November 1 or the certificate may be suspended.  Address corrections and updates are the responsibility of the Diplomate.  Late fees will not be waived for incorrect or outdated mailing addresses.   Should extenuating circumstances prevent payment in a timely manner, please contact the Board office at 434/979-0059.

A 3% bank convenience fee applies to credit card payments:   After “Buy Now” , $10 will be added to the regular fee and $15 or $20 if payments are late.

Payments for Diplomates in multi-physician practices or departments must be entered as separate, individual transactions to ensure proper credit to each Diplomate account.  Please enter the Diplomate’s ABU# in the Customer ID field.

The ABU is unable to provide purchase orders or establish vendor accounts.

Unfortunately, our system doesn’t automatically detect duplicate payments, and due to accounting regulations, cannot carry overpayments forward to the next year.  If in doubt, please refer to Fee History on the Diplomate portal or consult the Board before submitting payment.  Unclaimed duplicate payments discovered at year end will be considered voluntary dues.  Contributions will be acknowledged in the Annual Newsletter and receipts for tax deduction will be available through the portal.  Requests for refund of duplicate fee payment should be emailed to:

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