COVID-19 Updates

ABU Lifelong Learning/Initial PSCE Additional Exam Dates

Dear Candidate/Diplomate,

Appreciating your patience, we are pleased to finally communicate expanded date options arranged with Pearson VUE for the 2020 Lifelong Learning Level 2 Knowledge Assessment.

In addition to the original dates of October 16 and 22, the Board has acquired limited seating for 30 other dates: November 1 through 15 and December 1 through 15. Currently, 45% of ABU candidates and Diplomates needing to register have successfully done so, therefore, it is expected that those remaining will now be able to secure a seat within a reasonable distance from home. Following safe distancing guidelines, Pearson VUE is operating at decreased capacity, so if you need to register or change an existing registration, please do so right away to assure satisfaction.

For expediency, online registration is urged. The call center has been challenged to keep up with the influx of registrants who phone in and reports of lengthy holds and other issues abound. Please use this link:

We understand the importance of this process to you and are happy to be of further assistance if needed. Please feel free to phone or email the ABU office.


J. Brantley Thrasher, MD, FACS
Executive Director

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