COVID-19 Updates

ABU COVID-19 Response

During these times of uncertainty, panic and social distancing associated with COVID-19, the ABU is sensitive to the additional stress this pandemic has placed on your practice and your ability to meet your certificate requirements.  Toward that end we have elected to make several changes that we hope will reduce the burden on you and your practice.


CME Requirements

For those who were assigned CME based on remediation after the recertification exam, we have tried very hard to offer CMEs that did not require you to travel to the AUA Annual Meeting to obtain credit.  Many of the offerings were webinars, IC or PG courses that are offered online or even AUA Updates.  If an offering at the Annual Meeting was your only option, we remain very flexible about allowing another option.  Please contact the office with your proposal and it will be reviewed for potential approval.


Surgical Logs for Certification/Recertification

The ABU office has already had several phone calls related to surgical logs and potential worries about getting the data to the office by the deadline.  Please be assured that we will work with you to try to help you meet the deadline but this year we are expecting the largest class we have ever had—could approximate 750-800 candidates.  Due to issues of quarantine for our office, conversion to ICD-10 in your systems as well as ours, and the overwhelming number of potential candidates, we will not be able to extend the deadline for submission but do plan to waive late fees.  We also recommend for those who may be recertifying at their first opportunity (year 7) to consider postponing to next year.  As you are aware, the test is not pass/fail and it won’t penalize you for waiting for next year given the extenuating circumstances. 


Quarantine and Extended Training

The ABU is monitoring the issue of self-quarantine and mandatory quarantine for potentially exposed trainees very closely.  We continue to work with the RRC for urology to monitor the impact on programs and trainees.  Be assured that the ABU will make every effort not to punish a candidate who misses training in a circumstance that is out of their control.  We will continue to monitor and work closely with the RRC for urology to offer fair and pragmatic alternatives for those affected for extended periods. 


Currently our office is closed to limit exposure of our staff during this difficult time.  However, be assured that we are all working from home and plan to continue to answer the phones and support you all as seamlessly as possible.  Never hesitate to call our dedicated staff at any time if we can help.

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