Exam Content

Qualifying Examination (Part 1)

Qualifying (Part 1) Exam Content

Qualifying (Part 1) Exam Content


The data attached shows the relative percentage of questions from each of the content categories. The Qualifying Exam (QE) consists of 300 multiple-choice questions, of which two hundred are statistically valid, previously tested questions used to grade candidates on the examination. An additional one hundred questions are new field-test questions that are being evaluated for statistical validity for use on future examinations and will not count toward the final grade. The number of field-test questions may vary in subject matter, giving the appearance that there is a larger percentage of questions on some content areas. 


This QE blueprint is provided as a study guide, and exact percentages on the topic may vary slightly from year to year. 

Core Urologic Knowledge                                                                                                            (20%)


Basic Science- Must have a Clinical Correlation                                                                  (5%)


Upper and Lower Tract Urinary Obstruction                                                                        (10%)


Urolithiasis                                                                                                                                      (10% + core)


Oncology                                                                                                                                           (25% + core)


Andrology: Impotence and Infertility                                                                                        (8%)


Female Pelvic Medicine Includes Management of Neurogenic Bladder                         (12%)


Pediatric Urology                                                                                                                             (10%)


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